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Doctors of Physical Therapy serving the Columbia area since 2014


Move better than ever before with our Anti-Gravity Treadmill, and experience what it’s like to walk and run without pain.



Trek PT specializes in Parkinson’s Disease, with LSVT BIG and other specialized treatments and equipment to maximize your mobility and get you back to what you love.


Recovery from your injuries doesn’t stop on the surgical table. Our Physical Therapists can help you get every bit of mobility and function out of your surgery, both before and afterward.


Our Physical Therapists are experts in multiple sources of muscular and skeletal pain. If you are hurting and you haven’t found the help you need, our PTs might have the answers you seek.

Our skilled Physical Therapists will use every tool in their arsenal to get you to where you want to be. At Trek PT, you will find Physical Therapists who will get to know you and your condition and treat you as an equal participant in your care.

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6 Common Back Pain Myths, Debunked

6 Common Back Pain Myths, Debunked

Despite being one of the top causes of disability in the U.S., affecting around eight in 10 people in their lifetimes, back pain is an ailment often misunderstood by those affected.  Such...

7 Fitness Tips for Summer Vacation Travel

7 Fitness Tips for Summer Vacation Travel

It’s vacation season, and for many that means visiting faraway friends, exploring new places and possibly even crossing some things of the ol’ bucket list.  Unfortunately, traveling often also means lots of sitting, interrupted sleep...

Dynamic Warm-Ups Reduce Injury, Improve Performance

Dynamic Warm-Ups Reduce Injury, Improve Performance

It’s generally understood by most that warming up before exercise or competition (i.e., that 5K fun run) is essential in performing your best while warding off potential injury.  What may not be universally understood,...

Your pain can get better with the right approach.

Trek PT will help you move better and get back to the things you love.

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